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In DC, Climate Voices for the Future

Most Americans have never joined a political demonstration. Which is too bad. Because as I was reminded while joining yet another demonstration, it can be tons of fun. The rally this time was “Forward on Climate,” a boisterous gathering in Washington DC of 35,000 people, who called on President Obama to block the Keystone XL … Continue reading

Vermonters at Keystone XL Rally in Washington DC

Several of my photos from the rally are in this post from 7 Days, the Vermont weekly. Great rally — 35,000 people — and a stirring call to stop the Keystone XL pipeline before Canadian tar sands bust the entire climate. Photos at http://bit.ly/152a25i.

350 sign

Sign at DC really today. The most important number in the world– 350 ppm of carbon the most sustainable for civilization. We are now at 390 and climbing.

Sign from climate change really today in DC

Polar bears in DC

DC rally 1

My Letter on Divestment to Middlebury College Trustees

Dear Chairwoman Whittington and President Liebowitz: RE: Alumni support for fossil fuel divestment I am one of many Middlebury College alumni who strongly support the proposal for the college to divest out of the top 200 fossil fuel companies. As co-secretary of my class, a contributor to the college magazine, and a longtime financial supporter … Continue reading

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