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Solar Farms, Midd’s EDI project and the Gas Pipeline

Some fragments for the column today. Perhaps in the future, each of these sketches will grow up to be columns. The Town of Middlebury plans to oversee development of the parking areas between the Ilsley Library and Otter Creek. As the last major piece of soon-to-be-developed land in the downtown, this site has the special … Continue reading

Gov. Peter Shumlin and the Human Side of Vermont Politics

It’s easy to watch political figures on television or read about them in the paper and forget one thing. Those are human beings up there. It may seem that those who live and breathe politics are thick-skinned creatures programmed to the point of being semi-robots. Different from you and me. They look completely consumed by … Continue reading

Views of a Fence Viewer

Good fences make good neighbors, Robert Frost famously wrote in “Mending Wall.” Perhaps that’s why Cornwall and many other Vermont towns still appoint official fence viewers who, according to the Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT), “examine fences within the town when requested to do so by the selectboard.” Turns out, though, that this duty … Continue reading

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