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From a Master Ecologist, Life Everlasting

Bernd Heinrich opens his exploration of the natural ways of dying, “Life Everlasting,” with a quote from Khalil Gibran that sets the tone for the rest of this absorbing work: “If you would know the secret of death you must seek it in the heart of life.” It’s death, and its life-giving virtues, that are … Continue reading

In Spring, Love’s Labors Lost

It was one of the hardest phone calls I’d ever had to make. We’d been seeing each other since last fall. Now it had finally become clear that things just weren’t going to work out. Even when you know you’ve got to end it, though, it’s always hard to tell the other person. Our relationship … Continue reading

A Neighborhood of Porches

(From July 2011) It is a neighborhood of porches. Deep, wide porches framed by white columns and balustrades that are the perfect spot for a sandaled foot to rest. And resting – taking a load off, settling in for a chat with a housemate or savoring a solitary scotch as the slow summer evening fades … Continue reading

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