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Diagnosing a Serious Case of Summer Fever

Case Number: 12345 Patient: G. Dennis Age: 61, going on 10 Primary symptoms: Smiles far too often. Breathes deeply of the June breeze. Prone to random, pointless walks outdoors. Delusions about the length of the current season. Dear Dr. Freud: I write to refer to you a patient, a Mr. G. Dennis, whose ailments are … Continue reading

Growing the Thousand-Dollar Tomato

This is the story of the thousand-dollar tomato. Or, “How Our Hero (I Use the Word Loosely), an Inexperienced Gardener with More Money than Sense, Started His Garden Late, and Expensively.” It all began not with the need for a garden, but for a vacation. The annual mid-summer trip to Maine was a distant dream … Continue reading

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