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Shaking off the Winter Blues

[First posted in January 2011] It’s right about this time of year that some of us begin to wonder why we ever thought it was a good idea to live in Vermont in the first place: Three more months of wintry weather to come. Couldn’t God have just skipped January and February (and maybe November) … Continue reading

Getting older, and still going like 60

More than a dozen of us gathered for dinner on a cold Saturday night. Cassoulet simmered on the stovetop, and a fire in the wood stove warmed the room. All of us there were united by one thing: We had been in the same college class or had come with someone who was in that … Continue reading

Santorum: People don’t die from lack of healthcare

Among the truly bizarre and insensitive comments coming from presidential candidates was one from former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. He asserted that no one in America has ever died because they didn’t have healthcare. Santorum, whose devotion to small government is legendary except when it comes to getting large federal-government grants for favored campaign donors, … Continue reading

In Warm Winter, What’s a Skier to Do?

Those of us who look forward to winter have grown accustomed to mild Novembers and Decembers. But it’s been many years since we have seen such a slow start to the ski season. Continue reading

Human Folly? There’s an ICD-10 Code for That

Healthcare is a world where it’s illegal to acquire a legal drug, and where there will soon be hundreds of ICD insurance codes for how people get hurt by animals. Continue reading

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