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When the Hippies Invaded Vermont

I’m going up the country, babe, don’t you wanna go? I’m going to some place where I’ve never been before. I’m going where the water tastes like wine. We can jump in the water, stay drunk all the time. — “Going Up the Country,” written by Alan Wilson and made famous by Canned Heat Yvonne … Continue reading

Bobby Kennedy, MLK and the American Dream

1968, it has that ring Of RFK and Martin Luther King Where the dream went down on a hotel floor Dreams are what we’re living for       – John Stewart, “Irresistible Targets” One of Bobby Kennedy’s last public appearances was in San Diego before the California primary, 50 years ago this week. Standing on … Continue reading

Climate Change and a (Chevy) Bolt from the Blue

If you believe, as many of us do, that climate change means our children will live in a more dangerous and chaotic world — then at some point you’ve got to look in the mirror and wonder about the car you’re driving. Transportation accounts for Vermont’s greatest contribution to climate change. Carbon pollution from cars … Continue reading

Cheers for Push to Keep Carol’s Cafe Open

http://www.gofundme.com/carolshungrymind   You wanna where go where Everybody knows your name And they’re always glad you came   You wanna be where you can see Our troubles are all the same You wanna be where Everybody knows your name   The bar in the TV show “Cheers” was a fun-filled, made-up place. But now that … Continue reading

Whimsical Predictions for 2018

Even the most jaded observers couldn’t have imagined what a wild ride 2017 would be, thanks to a certain president whose last name rhymes with “dump.” I mean, who predicted all those white-sleeved dresses that Melania wore last year? Did anyone foresee that at a meeting of the world’s leaders where everyone else strode to … Continue reading

Dan and Geoff Get Married

Geoff, Carol, Dan and me at the wedding   Dan and I met during a draft counseling session at Middlebury College. We were both freshmen — first-year pups — and at that point he hadn’t even turned 18. As with every young American man of that time, we were facing the prospect of being drafted … Continue reading

Stills, Collins and Judy’s Blue Eyes

Stephen Stills and Judy Collins were always an unlikely couple. When they met, he was a brash kid with a magic touch on the guitar, from a newly broken-up band called Buffalo Springfield. She was one of the reigning queens of folk music. He saw her at the Whiskey a Go-Go in L.A., on a … Continue reading

Autumn, Pretty One More Time

    It was the first week of August when everyone started talking about the end of summer. As if talking about it, a full month ahead of Labor Day, would somewhat prevent the coming of fall.    August brought not the hot weather of most 21st century summers, but more cool and wet. It took … Continue reading

Disaster Films: Trump and Climate Change

It’s still summer, so still a season for disaster films. And we’re in the middle of watching two of them. Let’s call the first one “Trump: The Sequel.” The Donald’s presidency holds daily plot twists. But if you’d paid attention to his past career –bankrupt casinos, Trump “University” and other ripoffs – well, then you … Continue reading

Reality TV for Vermont and Pres. Drumpf

June 2007 MEMO to: Aaron Sorkin FROM: Dirk Diggler RE: Your proposal for new political shows Aaron, baby, I’m so excited to make the shows you’re proposing. Now that it’s mid-2007 and everyone is starting to think about the upcoming 2008 presidential election, I’m sure there’s going to be huge viewership for both shows. Given … Continue reading

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