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Advice for This Year’s Newlyweds

  There once was a time in life when everyone was getting married. Then there were a few, inevitable divorces. Now it’s time for everyone’s kids to get married. This year for me is full of those weddings. Twenty- and thirty-somethings launching into full adulthood by tying the knot. Two weddings of that kind this … Continue reading

Green Energy and the New Haven Lawsuit

So it’s come to this. The select board in New Haven is spending taxpayer money tilting at windmills. Well, actually, tilting at solar panels. The board is using public money to ask the Vermont Supreme Court to overturn approval of an appropriately sited, state-approved solar energy project in the town. The board and a minority … Continue reading

When the Call Comes About Mom

You know the call is going to come. If you’re a Baby Boomer with an aging parent, it’s inevitable. When your mother is 92 and living on her own a thousand miles away, you know the news is out there in the unknowable future. And then one Monday the phone rings and the future becomes … Continue reading

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