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Full College Reopening May Endanger the Community

My letter to the editor of the Addison County Independent, in the Thursday, July 2 edition: The recently announced plans for reopening of Middlebury College this fall pose new risks for college employees, students and the larger community. I recognize the college faces a very difficult set of circumstances. But the current plans regarding testing … Continue reading

Vermont Governor’s Advice for Surviving Coronapocalypse

(Note — This is satire, not an actual message from the governor.) MEMO TO: All Vermonters FROM: Vermont Governor RE: Coronavirus emergency measures My Fellow Vermonters: I’m writing to follow up on my recent “stay at home and be very scared” directive, to update you on coronapocalypse and offer suggestions for everyday living in these … Continue reading

We ‘Care’ About You and the Coronavirus

Like you, we are following the news about the (coronavirus/abrupt end to the NBA season/end of the world). All of us here at the (airline/restaurant/nursing home that recently failed to pass inspection/dive bar) share your (concern/occasional depression with irritability requiring medication/total freak out). Continue reading

Coronavirus in Vermont, Boomers and Millennials

“Trump said Monday that the novel coronavirus outbreak in the United States could last until July or August … one day after he said the virus was under control.” –Washington Post, March 16, 2020 Some impressions from the Early Coronavirus Era: Covid-19 has created a serious crisis around the globe — and it’s also exposed … Continue reading

When Boomers Go Skiing

We were booting up in the main lodge at Sugarbush on a recent weekday when Carol looked around at our fellow skiers.  There was a lot of gray hair. Ever the joker, she wanted to know, “Do only old people ski here?” On weekdays, I said, that’s pretty much the crowd at Sugarbush. The resort’s popular Boomer … Continue reading

The Dirty Practice of Burning Wood

My neighbor and I are at the northwest corner of my three acres, clearing out buckthorn. We stack that prickly invasive into piles of brambly cover for birds and other critters. We’re clearing out the buckthorn to provide a more gracious procession of big oak trees into our neighboring properties. But we also have other … Continue reading

Why Marijuana Is the New Zucchini

Of all the things I thought I’d never see in this life — gay marriage, the Red Sox winning the World Series, Donald Trump as president — legal marijuana tops the list. Continue reading

Finding Hope Amid Climate Change — and the Global Climate Strike

In the race against time that is the worldwide effort to avoid the worst of climate change, there’s a lot to despair. Sometimes it seems every day brings more bad news about the seeming inevitability of global heating, food shortages and chaotic mass migrations. But for today, let’s look on the bright side. A week … Continue reading

Progressives Ponder the Perfect Candidate

There’s a new parlor game among progressives these days, a question we often ask each other: Do you have a favorite candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination? Let’s call it “Worried Liberals Frantically Search for a Credible Candidate Who Won’t Sell Them Out.” But it’s challenging to find a favorite among the approximately 75 hopefuls. … Continue reading

Why I’m Running for President

News item from the N.Y. Times: “Joe Sestak, a former Navy admiral and congressman from Pennsylvania, said he was joining the crowded field of Democratic candidates running for president in 2020 … Mr. Sestak became the 24th Democratic candidate running for president. “His announcement came later than those of the other Democratic candidates. He said … Continue reading

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