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Charles Murray at Middlebury College

March 9, 2017 — The events around author Charles Murray’s appearance on the Middlebury College campus have convulsed both campus and community. As news reports and commentaries have distributed word of the unruly crowd that blocked Murray’s speech, the events have taken on national significance. Protesting students were rightly concerned about abuses sometimes associated with white male … Continue reading

Days and Nights with a Naked Lady

I’ve been playing a lot lately with a naked lady. Well, she’s not completely naked. She’s wearing a G string. Also A, D and B strings, and a high and low E string, too. When the Montreal-based guitar company Mackenzie & Marr decided several years ago to honor folk and western singer-songwriter Ian Tyson with … Continue reading

Is There Cause for Optimism on Trump?

There’s said to be an old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” We are certainly living in interesting times with Donald Trump. I almost wrote “under Donald Trump.” But the evidence has mounted in the chaotic three weeks of this administration of incompetent revolutionaries. And one thing is increasingly clear: While we will … Continue reading

What Liberals Don’t Get about Conservatives

  As we turn the page to another year – and liberals gaze with fear upon the Trump Presidency – it’s worth contemplating how we got here. What fueled the car that has driven us to the edge of a cliff? I’m not talking about tactical mistakes the Clinton campaign made. I’m not referring to … Continue reading

Christmas Music, from Dylan to Death Row

  No holiday has inspired more music – and groans about its omnipresence – than Christmas. It used to be the holiday music started in stores the day after Thanksgiving. This year I heard holiday harmonies on the day after Halloween. Talk about feeling haunted… But in spite of the insipid nature of most Christmas … Continue reading

Why We Can’t Afford Climate Change

Trump and the climate change narrative Liberals everywhere are gnashing their teeth over what will happen under President Donald Trump and the GOP Congress. Will Trump abolish Obamacare and deprive 22 million Americans of the healthcare coverage they just got? Will he cancel the Iran deal and move the world closer to nuclear war? Will … Continue reading

Trump, God and Pipe Bombs

  A friend of mine is a longtime cashier at the Middlebury co-op. She says last Wednesday, Nov. 9, was the toughest work day that she can recall there. The co-op cash register is as much a social gathering as a place for financial transactions. So my friend’s work day last Wednesday was filled with … Continue reading

Minter, Scott and Old vs. New Vermont

Take a close look at the governor’s race this year. You’re looking at two different Vermonts. Old Vermont is Republican Phil Scott, the current lieutenant governor. He’s a state native, longtime legislator, owner of a construction company and the winningest-ever race car driver at Thunder Road International SpeedBowl. New Vermont is Democrat Sue Minter, from … Continue reading

What Men Say – and Don’t Say – in Locker Rooms

  So what exactly do men talk about in locker rooms? Donald Trump was caught on tape admitting to the now-unemployed Billy Bush that he forcibly kissed women without warning and grabbed them by the genitals. “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” he bragged. But as we now know from at least … Continue reading

Why Do Vermont Dems Still Hate Progressives?

  Does the Vermont Democratic Party still hate the Vermont Progressive Party? It appears so, judging by the way it’s holding a stale grudge against candidates who call themselves progressive and run for office as both Democrats and Progressives. Dave Zuckerman, a Hinesburg organic farmer, ran for lieutenant governor this year as both a D … Continue reading

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