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Vermont Governor’s Advice for Surviving Coronapocalypse

(Note — This is satire, not an actual message from the governor.) MEMO TO: All Vermonters FROM: Vermont Governor RE: Coronavirus emergency measures My Fellow Vermonters: I’m writing to follow up on my recent “stay at home and be very scared” directive, to update you on coronapocalypse and offer suggestions for everyday living in these … Continue reading

When Boomers Go Skiing

We were booting up in the main lodge at Sugarbush on a recent weekday when Carol looked around at our fellow skiers.  There was a lot of gray hair. Ever the joker, she wanted to know, “Do only old people ski here?” On weekdays, I said, that’s pretty much the crowd at Sugarbush. The resort’s popular Boomer … Continue reading

Finding Hope Amid Climate Change — and the Global Climate Strike

In the race against time that is the worldwide effort to avoid the worst of climate change, there’s a lot to despair. Sometimes it seems every day brings more bad news about the seeming inevitability of global heating, food shortages and chaotic mass migrations. But for today, let’s look on the bright side. A week … Continue reading

Sex, Skiing and Weed

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the sex expert, says that skiers make the best lovers. “They don’t sit in front of a television like couch potatoes,” she explained. “They take a risk and they wiggle their behinds. They also meet new people on the ski lift.” She might have added that skiers get the health benefits of … Continue reading

Fossil Fuel Divestment, Middlebury College, and Vermont’s Future

Environmentalists are accustomed to losing. As Joan Baez put it, “little victories and big defeats.” So when an influential organization actually makes the right environmental decision — and then goes even further — it’s cause for celebration. So it is with Middlebury College’s truly wonderful decision to divest out of fossil fuels. The college’s commitment … Continue reading

Imagining Trump and the State Senate Race

With the election less than two weeks away, I sat down recently with President Donald Trump for another of our intermittent (and imaginary) political “discussions.” GD: Mr. President, I understand you’ve taken a surprising amount of interest in the Addison County State Senate race. Why is that? DT: You’ve got this guy Paul Ralston in … Continue reading

I Spy the Stranger of My Dreams

Love blooms every day in the I Spy section of the Burlington, Vermont-based Seven Days. The alternative weekly has been running I Spy ads for most of its nearly 20 years, helping casual strangers make romantic connections. Continue reading

Vermont’s ‘Lost’ Ski Areas: Gone but Not Forgotten

Many of Vermont’s long-closed old ski areas are brought back to life by the New England Lost Ski Areas Project, at http://www.nelsap.org. Abandoned rope tows and ski jumps, favorite old chairlifts — preserved in ski history online and in Jeremy Davis’s books. Continue reading

Middlebury Town Office Plan, Cussed and Discussed

The most lively portion of Middlebury Town Meeting on Monday night was the debate on the complicated proposal to:

* Relocate and build new town offices;

* Knock down the existing municipal building and gym;

* Build a new gym on school district land along Creek Road;

* Create a new downtown park;

* Solve the international crisis over the Russian occupation of Crimea. Continue reading

Farming Vermont for Wind Power

Sometimes it seems like environmentalists have put themselves on such a state of red alert that we can’t see a good thing when it’s right in front of us. We’re so used to fighting every inappropriate intrusion upon Mother Earth, that even the idea of using wind to provide electrical power can seem like a … Continue reading

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