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Nixon Was Worse than Trump

One of the benefits of age is perspective, a sense of what matters most over time. With that perspective, I suggest that we have seen worse then Donald Trump, and that the republic will survive. This is not to underestimate the horror that is the Trump presidency. On top of denying climate change and removing … Continue reading

Imagining Trump and the State Senate Race

With the election less than two weeks away, I sat down recently with President Donald Trump for another of our intermittent (and imaginary) political “discussions.” GD: Mr. President, I understand you’ve taken a surprising amount of interest in the Addison County State Senate race. Why is that? DT: You’ve got this guy Paul Ralston in … Continue reading

Charles Murray at Middlebury College

March 9, 2017 — The events around author Charles Murray’s appearance on the Middlebury College campus have convulsed both campus and community. As news reports and commentaries have distributed word of the unruly crowd that blocked Murray’s speech, the events have taken on national significance. Protesting students were rightly concerned about abuses sometimes associated with white male … Continue reading

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